Hi! I’m Tinni, a first generation Bangali-American artist making happy things in my studio in Orlando, Florida. I love everything about spooky season, cute stationery, and animals (especially cats!) 

In my shop you will find stickers & more based on my variety of art and interests. I had my start in 2018 with creating stickers for journals and planners. Then my art expanded to K-pop stickers, stationery and accessories. I have also been expanding the types of products I sell as I grow, but I am most known for my stickers. Stickers will always be my favorite way to show my art.

New items are added every month based on what I was recently inspired by, but the underlying theme and purpose of my art remains the same:

My main focus is to provide products that inspire and uplift others, encourage self-care, and help you connect with your inner child.

I truly believe that art has the power to bring joy and healing into people’s lives. If I can bring even a brief moment of happiness to someone’s day, then I feel like I’ve accomplished my mission as an artist and brand.

Thank you for visiting and happy shopping :)